Family and friends

This page has some random pics of my family and friends.

webb family
The Webb Family

fiorenza family
The Fiorenza family

best friends
My support team!
I love you girls :)

mothers and daughters
Melly, Cara, Maria, Myself and Natty
The girls out for dinner.

noah and I
Little boys just love having their photograph taken!!
Myself and my nephew, Noah
November 2006

mel and noah
Mel managed to catch him for one more pic!

baz and I
Yea I know, two peas in a pod!
Myself with my brother Barrie.

Taylor and I
This is my niece, Taylor
having cuddles with Aunty Karen
She's such a little cutie! (Taylor I mean! hehe)

taylor and gary
And this is her Dad, my brother Gary,
 working extremely hard to get her shoe on!
I love the tongue sticking out the side of his mouth,
 that's real focus Gary!

darren and viv
The newlyweds
My brother Darren and his wife Vivienne.
Welcome to the crazy webb family Viv!

webb family
The whole Webb clan!
I can't remember the last time we were all together for a photograph!
November 2006

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