IRF 2006

half moon bay sign
A sign of happy times to come!

before sunset
Looking along the beach to Half Moon Bay, just before sunset.

Living on the East Coast of Australia, I don't get to see many sunsets over the ocean.
So sitting by the beach  in Half Moon Bay waiting for the sun to set was delightful.
And the sunset was spectacular!

sunset 3
Just about gone!
  Chuck is down by the water taking his own pics of the sunset.

Roel,Robert and Rod
The Aussies and the Dutch run into each other outside the OPL.
Robert, Rod and Roel.

rustie jam

me, keiren, roel and joost
Ciaran, Joost, Roel and myself, inside the OPL Thursday afternoon before the Rustie jam.

mountain house
The crowd gathers!
Chatting to old and new friends outside the Mountain House restaurant.
 Thursday evening before the Rustie jam

Harry and I
I think HarryO is "expecting to fly" maybe?

johnny, kaz and harry
And I have no idea what we were doing here! But it looks like we were having fun!
Johnny, HarryO and myself.

Has anyone noticed that Rusties are always smiling!Except Miron in this pic lol.
Miron,myself,not sure but will ask someone!, Glen, Cassie and Tim.

ohnny, Paulette, Myself, Sheila, Meleya and Denis

the Dutch and the Aussies
The Aussie boys and the Dutch boys on stage at OPL
Roel, Joost, Rod and Robert

HUGE pumpkin and me lol

Rod standing outside the Greendale jail.

Now that's a pumpkin patch!

Aussies on the beach in Santa Cruz
Robert and myself

This pic was taken just for KBS,she knows why it's here.
And it shall remain our little secret!
A sistah never tells!!

Meeting Mazzeo in Santa Cruz.
What a cool guy he was!
Looking forward to meeting him again in Sydney, possibly in 2007.

what are these boys doing
I'm not too sure what was going on in this pic!
Rod seems to be taking a pic of himself and a tree.
 And Robert could possibly be in need of some counseling now,
 after having to leave the tree behind in California!

irf dinner
Ahhh IRF!
Truly,there is nothing like it!
If you have ever thought about doing it,
 but hesitated for whatever reason, DON"T!!
It's a very special 4 days of love.
For each other, and for Neil

irf dinner 2
Rusties gather to eat and be merry

jam 1
Chuck, Hiro and Keith

jam 2
Bugs and Trish

This is my favourite pic from the Friday night jam.

HarryO and Trish
Trish is just incredible!
We discovered on the caravan to IRF 06, that she knows ALL the words to ALL the songs!
Hence her trail name of "words"

jam 5
The boys in the band
Chuck, Hiro, Kato and Johnny

my rusted sisters
My rusted sisters singing their little hearts out :)

aussie boys
Miron, Kathy and Rod, belt it out during IRF.


The waiting line for tickets to Bridge

rustie crowd
Just a few of the rusties that attended BSB in 2006

He is playing here with death Cab for Cutie.

neil looking at me hehe

I'm sure he is looking at me in this photo!
No matter what anyone else tells you, it was me he was looking at!!
Probably wishing that crazy aussie woman would sit down
 and put her camera away,
but i don't care.
He was looking at me!!

Ambulance Blues
Neil and Bert Jansch.

Myself and MaryBQ
at Bridge

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