Rustie Caravan To IRF 2006

This year before IRF, a group of hardy Rusties from all across the globe,
 met at the DoubleM ranch in Tacoma, Washington.
And traveled together down the coast to the 10th International Rustfest
in Saratoga Springs, California.

It was the experience of a lifetime!
Seven cars,
one if which was the infamous Maybelline, and the TinTeepee made the journey.
It truly was an international Rustie contingent,
consisting of:

 An Englishman
Paul "Arrogant Bastard" Docker

 A Frenchmen
Denis "The Menace"

An Aussie
Kaz "Hotpants" Fiorenza
(Honestly, the campfire  made my pants hot!!)

Two Canadians
Mike "Growler"

Doug "Stray Gator" Thomas

A Canadian-that lives in Denmark
Trish "Words" Lewis

 And 17 Americans.
      Paul "One Hot Tea" Tomita
   Mike "2logs" Heinz
Deb "Beaver" Navickas
Cathy "Dangerbird" Harris
Marilyn "Scattered" Martin
Kathy "Unknown Legend" Bliss
Chuck "Falling From Above" Naughton
Bugs "Road Rock" Bugliosi
Paul "Keeper of the Spider" Dionne
Jim "Merriweather" Dickie
Rick "Mr.Clean" Ridderbusch
Harry "Lumpy" Oesterreicher
Lisa "Everything you're looking for" Schubert
Jen "Queen of them all" Jameson
Kurt "Shadow man" Schubert
Jocelyn "Thelma" Dickie
Cassie "Louise"

It was five fantastic days of fun, music, adventure and friendship.
Below are some photographs of my personal highlights.
Most of the pics are my own but I have stolen the odd pic to show some of the moments I wasn't able to capture myself.


Our journey began at the DoubleM (Mike and Margies) in Tacoma, Washington.
A huge thank you to Mike and Margie for their wonderful hospitality!

car buddy

Marilyn, my car buddy and the driver for our journey.
We talked, we laughed, we talked,
we were always last in the caravan, we talked
and we even listened to Neil when we weren't talking! 
We usually made it through one cd a day! LOL
Thanks Marilyn, for being such a wonderful companion.

pool table

Paul and Mike at the very first brew pub we came across.
Amazingly these 2 guys seemed to be at every brew pub we stopped at!
I'm not sure who won the pool comp over the whole period of the caravan,
I think Paul, but I'm sure Mike will correct me if I'm wrong!

always last

Following our leader.
This scene was played out many times over the trip.
Marilyn and I attached ourselves to the rear of Mikes car.
If it went somewhere, we went there too.
We still managed to get lost one day lol.


Astoria, Oregon at dusk.
Astoria was our first overnight camp site.
After a quick stop at the Wet Dog Cafe/Astoria Brewing Company,
we headed out to the Fort Stevens State Park to find our yurt!
More on yurts to follow.

camp fire

Our first campfire on the road.
After a wonderful meal cooked by Jim,
the guitars came out!
A family with small children, who had been very patient all night
 and actually said they had enjoyed the show,
sent us off to our yurts a little after midnight.


The heavens opened during the night,
and we awoke to a very soggy camp ground.
Paul D,Marilyn, Cathy, Kathy, Myself and the other Paul D,
having our morning coffee outside Kurt and Lisa's yurt,
while the rain tumbles down.
Kurt and Lisa provided fresh coffee for all,every morning.
Thanks guys, coffee has never tasted so good!

smiling in the rain

You may think the rain would have dampened our spirits.
But check out the smiles on these  rusties.
As each day passed the smiles just got wider :)
Mike, Deb, Cathy and Paul T

ocean meets the sky

"Be the ocean when it meets the sky"
It rained on and off for most of the second morning,
but as you can see it provided some amazing light for photography.
I found this part of the coastline the most beautiful.
If you have not been to Oregon before,
I recommend you make the journey one day.
It is truly spectacular!

small town

One of the many small towns we drove through.
I love the colour in this pic.


I guess the sign says it all really lol


Me, standing on a piece of Oregon driftwood!
The small concrete block type thing to the left of me,
 is a tunnel that goes right through that huge hill behind me.
It must have taken them years to drill out the hole in that rock!


This is the exit at the other end of the tunnel.
An incredibly beautiful beach scene greeted us at this end.
I was born and raised in a small coastal town called port Campbell,
it's situated along the great Ocean road in Victoria, Australia.
This part of the Oregon coast reminded me so much of home.

rusties on the beach

Rusties on the beach!
Paul Tomita, Marilyn,Deb,Cathy and myself.


Sunset later that afternoon.
We stopped at a bar by the beach,
 on our way to the next campsite.
The barman lit a fire outside for us.
  We drank, ate and waited for this stunning sunset.


A Yurt.
This campsite is at Beverly Beach State Park.
We slept in yurts for 3 of the 4 nights on the road.
What an excellent way to camp.
Fully heated with 3 beds inside.
A pillow and a sleeping bag and you're set!

big redwood

A huge spruce tree root!
The Plaque says it all.

traffic jam

What rusties do in a traffic jam.
Bugs and Marilyn jamming in the middle of the road  during a rather long traffic jam in the hills.
This was a pretty cool moment on the trip.

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